The Stearman Model 4

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Stearman 4D - Pat Brooks, 1931
1931 Stearman 4D, NC796H* - Aline (Pat) Brooks

*This Aircraft now NC774H

Alan Lopez, Model 4 Jr. Speedmail 785H

Alan Lopez's Standard Oil Model 4E "Jr. Speedmail"
Just Like It Was In The 1930's
P&W R1340

Addison Pemberton's American Airways Model 4

Addison Pemberton's Model 4DM Jr. Speedmail painted in American Airways colors like it was in 1930. American Airways became American Airlines.


The saga of NC663K began on November 12, 1929 when William Keith Scott placed a verbal order for a Stearman Model 4E with Rogers Aircraft of Los Angeles California. Basic list price was $16,000. With optional equipment such as reserve fuel tank, retractable landing lights, dual flare tubes, radio and wheel pants, the final price rose to $18,107. Powered with a Pratt ∓mp; Whitney WASP 420 horsepower engine it was delivered in February, 1930. Keith Scott flew his Stearman until he sold the airplane on August 4, 1942 to Malcolm Carberry who operated a fleet of cropdusters in Brawley, California.. It became a cropduster, then was left to deteriorate.

Ben Scott's Dad

It was restored by well known antiquer Robert Penny, Jr. and placed in a museum at Morgan Hill, California, from 1972-1977. In 1977, NC663K was purchased by Dan Wine. Several years later, an old friend sent Keith Scott a newspaper article about the aircraft and that led to contact with Dan Wine. Negotiations began in ernest for the Scott family to acquire the Stearman. The old ship is back with her family to stay, and Ben Scott, ( Keith Scott's son) spends many happy hours with her in the Reno skies. She is as beautiful as ever.

Model 4D - Rex

Model 4 Stearman, NC774H. It rolled out of the Stearman factory in Wichita, Kansas in 1931 as NC796H. It is painted in the colors of the pioneer airline, Western Air Express, a prececessor of TWA and Western Airlines. Remember, Western merged with Delta? It's first owner was a 21 year old socialite named Aline (Pat) Rhonie who kept it at the Aviation Country Club on Long Island, New York. Her flight instructors included Russ Thaw, and Jimmy Collins - two of the most famous aviators of the 1930's.

NC774H With The Mail
The original NC774H,during the 1930's, taking on a sack of mail in San Diego.

Steve Hamilton's Model 4

Steve Hamilton's 4E Jr. Speedmail, 791H flew for the first time on December 17, 1999 - the 96th anniversary of the first flight by the Wright Bros...It's painted in the 1930's silver and red livery of Standard Oil of California. The original aircraft was registered to Standard Oil of Louisiana. See the aircraft here.

Ron Rex and 488W
Todd Stuart's Model 4, NC488W, in Standard Oil Of California Ship Number 3 Livery. Ron Rex flew it 1st, out of restoration for Jim Kimball Enterprises.

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