The Stearman Cloudboy

Cloudboy, The Stearman Model 6

Cloudboy, Model 6D (YBT-5)
The "Y" in Army designation indicates airplane in service test status.

The Stearman Model 6 Cloudboys were open cockpit biplanes seating 2 in tandem designed for the field of commercial and military pilot training in the early 1930's.

Submitted to the Air Corps to test, the design was accepted and an order was received for four new airplanes that became the YPT-9. The Stearman 6L c/n 6003 YPT-9 was powered with a 5 cyl. Wright J-6 (R-540) of 165 hp. Of the four delivered to the Air Corps, one YPT-9 was converted to the YPT-9A. This was the same as the model 6-F, which had a 165 hp Continental A-70 engine. Two were converted into YPT-9Bs with 200 hp Lycoming engines and one was converted to the YPT-9C with a 170 hp Kinner engine installation.

The commercial counterpart of this version was the model 6-A of which 3 or 4 were manufactured. Basically this was the same as the 6-F mentioned above.

Built rugged and kept simple it was hoped by Stearman that the "Cloudboy" would find some favor among the civilian and military flying schools. That, however, did not develop. Ten examples of the 6 series were built and I believe that 3 may still be in existence; 2 of which are flying.

The aircraft pictured below, NC787H; serial number 6002 is owned by Gordon Plaskett. The Cloudboy is the rarest of all the Stearmans flying today.

6005 YPT-9 AC31-460 converted to YPT-9B (6L)
6006 YPT-9 AC31-461 converted to YBT-3 (6C) then to YPT-9C (6H)
6007 YPT-9 AC31-462 converted to YBT-5 (6D)
6008 YPT-9 AC31-459 converted to YPT-9B (6L)

Cloudboy, Stearman Model 6

Some of the information on this page is from U.S. Civil Aircraft - Joseph Juptner, Aero Publishers, Inc.

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